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Radios, Consoles, Pagers and Sirens

Approved Radios, Consoles and Pagers

After evaluation by the Michigan Public Safety Communications staff for compliance with the established MPSCS technical and operational standards, the radios and dispatch consoles listed below have met those requirements and are eligible for use on the MPSCS by MPSCS members.

Please contact the MPSCS Template Design Unit (TDU) or Radio Programming Unit (RPU) for individual model compatibility with features such as:

  • Data
  • GPS
  • OTAR (Over The Air Rekeying of encryption keys)
  • Console features and functions

 Approved Subscriber Radios, Pagers, Dispatch Consoles, and Encryption Keyloaders

 Approved Customer Programming Software & Recommended Firmware Versions

 Minimum Subscriber Radio Encryption Recommendations

800 MHz Fire Paging

In March 2016, Michigan’s Public Safety Communications System began offering its 800 MHz fire paging solution. The service is catching on, as many local fire departments are finding it to be a cost-effective way to improve operational efficiency solution.  The need for this standardized system was brought about in part by the Federal Communications Commission’s narrow band mandate that went into effect January 1, 2013. Considerable coverage was lost in the change to analog narrow band, often requiring dispatch centers to invest precious financial resources in standalone, analog simulcast systems to be used for local paging.

800 MHz Fire Paging Solution

Subscriber Radio Information