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Radio Management

Radio Management (MPSCS-RM)

In response to our members who sought a simpler, more streamlined process for onboarding, servicing and overseeing radios, MPSCS is rolling out a web-based solution called MPSCS Radio Management (MPSCS-RM). 

Intended for local and federal agencies, MPSCS-RM promises to speed up completion of work orders, prevent backlogs and give members greater oversight over their radios' service records and interactions with the MPSCS system. It replaces a piecemeal process involving emails, phone calls and faxes - a less precise method that consumed staff time and resources organizing records and cleaning up errors. 

Users will access MPSCS-RM through the MiLogin portal. Vendors will need to have Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with their agencies authorizing the vendors to submit requests and manage inventories on behalf of the agencies.   

Members will need to submit MOU to MPSCS for talk groups in which they participate but did not originate. The preferred format is for the MOU to be on an agency's letterhead, but an MOU sent by the talk group representative using an official government email account is also acceptable. 


MPSCS How-To-Series on Using Radio Management Video

MPSCS How-To-Series on Using Radio Management

Welcome to the MPSCS How-To-Series on Using Radio Management.

This is a quick tutorial on Adding Radios.