Alpena Hide and Leather

Alpena Hide and Leather is a site which reflects known PFAS levels. Based on environmental and health concerns, further review and possible action may be necessary to best protect public health. More details about this location will be made available as soon as possible.

  • Alpena Hide and Leather is an active state-funded Part 201 site.
  • Groundwater and soil samples were taken in August 2017 due to suspected contamination on site. PFAS was detected in both types of samples.
  • Efforts to remove buried hides and contaminated soil from the former tannery operation have occurred.
  • 27 groundwater monitoring well samples were collected in the fall of 2017.
  • 20 groundwater monitor well samples were collected in April of 2018.
  • 13 groundwater monitor well samples were collected in June of 2018.
  • In 2017, the DEQ conducted surface water sampling; all 14 of the surface water samples collected were at very low levels.
  • In April of 2018 the surface water was sampled, and all surface water samples collected were at very low levels.
  • The area is serviced by municipal drinking water.A search was recently conducted to assure that no private drinking water wells are in use.
  • A bench study and treatability study has been conducted to see if a in situ product can be added to soil to the soil to reduce the leaching. The results in the lab studies were very promising.
  • A work plan for an infield pilot test is currently being prepared and the pilot test will be conducted in the Fall of 2018.
  • As analytical data comes back on soil and groundwater, additional investigations will be performed and, if needed, remedial actions identified.

# Groundwater Monitoring Well Samples

# Groundwater Monitoring Well Results Received

# Non-Detect (PFOS + PFOA)

#ND – 70 ppt (PFOS + PFOA)

#> 70 ppt (PFOS + PFOA)

Highest G.W. Monitor Well value (PFOS + PFOA) in ppt