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Laboratories Offering Home Testing

scientific testing equipment inside a laboratory

Laboratories Offering Home Testing

Here is where you will find information about sampling and selecting a laboratory if you are a resident wanting to test your private residential well.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) may be found in everyday items commonly used around the house. Therefore, it is important that residents take precaution when collecting a water sample. To ensure accurate results use the Private Residential Well PFAS Sampling Guidance developed by MPART to collect your water sample.

Michigan has certified laboratories for PFAS analysis for the purpose of PFAS maximum contaminant level (MCL) compliance under the Safe Drinking Water Act, utilizing USEPA method 537.1. Certified laboratories have demonstrated compliance with the required provisions outlined in Michigan’s Safe Drinking Water Act, established to provide consistency in analytical approach and quality. USEPA method 537.1 is an established analysis used by EGLE across Michigan.  Selecting a certified laboratory is strongly recommended and will ensure quality of analysis of the drinking water sample.  The full updated list of certified laboratories, and contact information, is available on the EGLE PFAS Drinking Water Rules website.

Contact a laboratory to obtain a testing kit and associated materials prior to sampling.

Should any of EGLE’s PFAS investigations lead to inclusion of your residential well in a future sampling effort, we will reach out to you. Meanwhile, we hope this information allows you to make an informed decision about your residential well.