Flint Coldwater Road Landfill

Flint Coldwater Road Landfill is a site which reflects known PFAS levels. Based on environmental and health concerns, further review and possible action may be necessary to best protect public health. More details about this location will be made available as soon as possible.

  • An initial investigation of groundwater monitoring wells and landfill leachate sump was conducted at the Coldwater Road Landfill in November 2016. Three samples were collected; two from the monitoring wells and one from the leachate sump; two samples were above 70 ppt PFOA+PFOS, one monitoring well and the sump.
  • A second and more comprehensive sampling event occurred in June 2017 to further delineate the extent of PFAS at the facility. 18 samples were collected, 7 groundwater monitoring well samples were collected; 11 samples were above 70 ppt PFOA+PFOS.
  • There is a drinking water restriction at this location, and a landfill leak detection system is in place.
  • Additional sampling was conducted in December 2017 to determine if PFAS is moving off site; three samples were taken. One sample was above 70 ppt (PFOA + PFOS). A meeting between DEQ and DHHS is scheduled to determine further action for the site.
  • Surrounding properties to the south and west of the facility are on a municipal water supply.

# Site Monitoring Well Samples

# Site Monitoring Well Results Received

# Non-Detect (PFOS + PFOA)

#ND – 70 ppt (PFOS + PFOA)

#> 70 ppt (PFOS + PFOA)

Highest value (PFOS + PFOA) in ppt