Roosevelt Refinery, Mt. Pleasant, Isabella County

Updated: August 1, 2019

Aerial Map of Roosevelt Refinery, Mt. Pleasant, Isabella CountyBackground

This site is located at 600 W. Pickard in Mt. Pleasant. This was a crude oil refinery that operated from the 1930s to the early 1970s. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has been working with MRP Properties on clean-up since the late 1990s. The Chippewa River runs through the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal area; the Tribe was notified of PFAS contamination on November 13, 2017.

Recent Accomplishments

  • On May 14, 2019, EGLE received fish sample results from the Chippewa River. PFOS concentrations in fish were low overall; only one fish exceeded the lowest MDHHS screening value of 9 parts per billion (ppb). Based on the data, PFOS would not be a cause of consumption advice.

Next Steps

  • Based on the April 25, submittal a schedule has been provided to include:  Source area investigation including soils delineation to be completed by June 30, 2019. Ten additional temporary monitoring wells will be included in the investigation.  Groundwater sampling will be completed by July 31, 2019.  An assessment of the PFAS data will be completed by  September 30, 2019. Also, MRP properties will meet with EGLE to discuss results and remedial options. 

Residential Well Testing/Alternate Water Information

  • Not applicable; historical data based on geological and analytical information have not shown a threat to drinking water aquifers used in the vicinity of the site. Recent data of the deeper monitoring wells at the facility tested for PFAS has not shown a concern. There are no known drinking water wells located at the site or in the immediate vicinity. The impacted groundwater at the site is shallow and the groundwater surface water interface (GSI) pathway is the main focus. 
  • For additional information on residential well testing and results, visit the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • EGLE has sampled all municipal water supplies for PFAS. View the results for the city of Mt. Pleasant.

Upcoming Community Engagement

  • None scheduled at this time.
Sampling: PFOS and PFOA Only

Type of Sample

Date Sampled

Number of Samples

Number of Results Received

Number of Non-detects

Number Between Non-detect and standard*

Number of > Standard

Groundwater Aug 2017 - Sep, 2018 54 54 2 24 28
Surface Water Oct 25, 2018 6 6 0 6 0
Effluent (WWTP) Oct 25, 2018 2 2 0 2 0
Cumulative   62 62 2 32 28

*Groundwater results are compared to EGLE Part 201 Criteria of 70 ppt PFOS+PFOA.
*Surface water and effluent results are compared to Rule 57 surface water quality values of 12 ppt for PFOS and 12,000 ppt for PFOA.

Sampling notes

  • Other PFAS analytes were detected in samples. There are no federal or state standards for these analytes.
  • Surface water samples are from the Chippewa River, both upstream and downstream of the facility. Fish samples were also collected from the same locations on October 25, 2018.

Roosevelt Refinery Historical Timeline

The Roosevelt Refinery is located at 600 W. Pickard in Mt. Pleasant. This was a crude oil refinery that operated on the north end of Mt. Pleasant from the 1930s to the early 1970s when it was decommissioned and later dismantled. The property is adjacent to the Chippewa River on the east. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has been working with MRP Properties on the Roosevelt Refinery clean-up site since the late 1990s.

  • In August 2017, EGLE requested that MRP Properties sample the groundwater due to the site being a former refinery because the refinery stored/used fire suppression substances. MRP Properties collected groundwater samples at seven locations on-site.
  • In October 2017, EGLE was made aware of PFAS concentrations at the Roosevelt Refinery site over 70 ppt PFOS+PFOA.
  • On November 13, 2017, EGLE met with the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and briefed the Tribe on the status of the PFAS contamination.
  • In October 31, 2017, EGLE requested MRP Properties further define the extent of the PFAS plume on-site.
  • On January 9, 2018, EGLE was contacted by the Tribe to discuss potential grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and/or the State of Michigan for PFAS sampling.
  • On April 2 and 3, 2018, MRP Properties conducted additional PFAS sampling of groundwater monitoring wells.
  • On August 10, 2018, MRP Properties submitted a work plan for EGLE review to install additional monitoring wells, sample monitoring wells, and evaluate conditions in order to develop a conceptual site model.
  • On September 18, 2018, MRP Properties completed additional groundwater monitoring well sampling following the approval of a work plan from September 6, 2018.
  • On August 03, 2018, EGLE was contacted by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe requesting quarterly meetings to discuss the Roosevelt facility and other sites within the reservation.
  • On September 19, 2018, EGLE staff met with the Tribe, USEPA, and other local units of government and provided an update on the Roosevelt facility, including a PowerPoint presentation and a site tour. This was the first quarterly meeting between these parties.
  • On October 9, 2018, EGLE received the results from the September 18, 2018, groundwater sampling event.
  • On October 25, 2018, samples of fish and surface water from the Chippewa River, upstream and downstream of the former Roosevelt facility were collected. In addition, a Mt. Pleasant Waste Water Treatment Plant outfall sample was collected. Results have not been received for fish samples. Current expectations for fish sample results are for April 2019.
  • On October 25, 2018, EGLE met with MPR Properties and their environmental consultant to discuss analytical results and next steps.
  • On February 5, 2019, a quarterly meeting occurred in the Saginaw Bay District Office with the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. Also, in attendance were representatives from the City of Mt. Pleasant. Discussions included the former Roosevelt Refinery location along with other locations. 
  • On March 27, 2019, EGLE and MRP Properties long with MRP's environmental consultant, met at EGLE Saginaw Bay District Office to discuss future investigations, a scheule, and updating other documents for the site.
  • On April 25, 2019, a Proposed Continued Assessment of PFAS and Timeline Report for the Roosevelt facility was provided to EGLE.