Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC), Alpena County

  • As of the week of July 13, 2018:

    115 private wells have been tested for PFOA/PFOS 
    115 results are in
    79 are non-detects
    36 PFOA & PFOS detected (0.56 - 15.6 ppt)
    0 samples above MDEQ criteria - PFOA+PFOS 70 ppt
    51 any PFAS detected (0.51 - 52.1 ppt)

    The Alpena CRTC environmental staff regularly monitor a number of environmental factors at the facility to ensure safety, compliance with state and federal regulations, and to proactively detect and remedy potential problems.  As part of the Air Force comprehensive approach to protect human health, several areas of the Alpena CRTC were tested for PFC's. A few of the samples detected the compound at levels above EPA guidance. The Michigan National Guard and Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, along with state and local environmental experts and officials want to share the testing information and information about this family of chemicals in general, with members of the Alpena community and anyone else looking for information on this topic.

Contact Information

  • For assistance, please email the Environmental Assistance Center or call 800-662-9278.

    If you live in the designated area for free water testing, please fill out and send this email form.


    Residents please note:

    Many residents have inquired about which whole house filters are certified to remove PFOS/PFOA.  At this time, the DEQ is not aware of any whole house filters currently on the market that are certified to remove PFOS/PFOA by the NSF International.


  • Alpena Heat Map detecting PFOA and PFOSGroundwater at several locations at the Alpena Combat Readiness Center has tested above EPA health advisory levels for PFAS, and the DEQ is actively overseeing.

    • The Alpena CRTC is seven miles west of Alpena.
    • The DEQ was made aware of this site when the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) notified the DEQ of a groundwater sample on-base that tested positive for PFOA/PFOS.
    • Two public meetings have been held at the Alpena CRTC.
      • The first one was on October 18, 2017, with approximately 200-250 attendees.
      • The second one was on January 18, 2018, with approximately 150 attendees.
    • The MDEQ began sampling residential wells on November 7, 2017.
    • Additional private water well sampling will continue as sampling requests within the designated sampling area are received.
    • Filters have been provided to approximately 29 homes.

Public Water Access Points

  • Alpena Twp Fire Department
  • Behind Cliff Anschuetz
  • CRTC Main Gate
  • DPW Office (8am-3pm)
  • Pump House (near Don's Tractor)
  • Treatment Plant Admin Office (8am-3pm)