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    The drinking water advisory for the City of Parchment and a portion of Cooper township was lifted on August 27, 2018. Below are the results of the testing of the Parchment municipal supply now that the city has switched to water from the City of Kalamazoo.

    Residents with a private residential well that are east of the Kalamazoo River and within 1.5 miles of the former Parchment municipal well field continue to be supplied alternative water while the investigation into PFAS contamination in the groundwater continues.

    As of August 31, 2018, MDEQ has taken 202 residential well samples in Parchment and Cooper Township and found no PFOS and PFOA contamination over the EPA Health Advisory Level of 70 ppt outside of a one-mile radius from the former Parchment municipal well field. However, MDEQ has received some results at the outer edge of the one-mile radius with total PFAS results over 70 ppt. The highest of these results was 122 ppt.

    Inside the 1.5-mile radius, the area of greatest concern for significant PFAS contamination is roughly bounded by the south bank of Spring Brook Creek, the east bank of the Kalamazoo River, the north side Espanola Avenue and the west side of Riverview Avenue, including properties east of Riverview and west of Lindenwood and Solvel streets. Private well owners inside this area of concern will continue to receive alternative water until point-of-use filters can be installed in their homes.

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  • The Parchment Water Hotline is no longer in service. If you have further questions after September 7, 2018, please call the Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services Departments’ Environmental Health Unit at 269-373-5200.

    For DEQ assistance, please email the Environmental Assistance Center or call 800-662-9278.