Barry County, Hastings, Viking Corporation

Updated: December 10, 2019


The Viking Corporation (Viking) manufactures fire protection systems. Records indicate Viking conducted testing of fire suppression foam on the property. The foam generated from testing was ultimately discharged to the Holland Board of Public Works wastewater treatment system.

Recent Accomplishments

  • On October 24th, 2019, EGLE met with Viking to discuss results from spring / summer 2019 field work and next steps.
  • On October 28th, 2019, Viking provided EGLE a Tech Memo summarizing results from spring / summer 2019 field work.

Next Steps

  • The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) will continue to work with Viking Corp. to define the extent of the contamination.
  • Viking will develop a plan for the installation and sampling of additional groundwater monitoring wells in the wetland area to further define the extent of PFAS in groundwater downgradient of the test basin to the northwest toward the Thornapple River.
  • The plan will also include additional groundwater assessment upgradient of the test basin.
  • Workplan execution is anticipated during winter 2019/2020.

Residential Well Testing/Alternate Water Information

  • Not applicable; Viking Corp. and nearby properties are supplied with municipal water from the city of Hastings.
  • EGLE has sampled all municipal water supplies for PFAS. View the results for the city of Hastings.

Upcoming Community Engagement

  • Not applicable.
Sampling: PFOS and PFOA Only

Type of Sample

Date Sampled

# of Samples

# of Results Received

# of Non-detects

# Between Non-detect and standard*

# > Standard


Oct 11, 2018 5 5 0 1 4
Groundwater Jun - Aug 2019 18 18 3 9 6
Soil May 2019 16 16 0 0 16


  39 39 3 10 26

*Groundwater results are compared to EGLE Part 201 Criteria of 70 ppt PFOS+PFOA.
*Soil results are compared to EGLE Part 201 Criteria of 240 ppt (PFOS) and 10 million ppt (PFOA).

Sampling notes

  • Other PFAS analytes were detected in samples. There are no federal or state standards for these analytes.

Soil and Groundwater Results Maps

Viking Corporation - Soil Data Map - Nov 2019Viking Corporation - GW Data Map - Nov 2019

Additional Information

The Viking Corporation (Viking) site is located at 210 North Industrial Park Drive in Hastings. Viking manufactures fire protection systems, primarily sprinklers and valves. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has records that indicate that Viking. conducted testing of fire suppression foam using a 1-3% foam concentration with 97-99% water on the property. Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) manufactured by 3M was tested in this manner on-site from 1998/1999 until 2001, when 3M took their AFFFs out of production due to PFAS-related concerns.

Documentation shows that the foam generated during testing was directed to the testing area (Test Basin), pumped from the basin by Liquid Industrial Waste Service of Holland, and ultimately discharged to the Holland Board of Public Works wastewater treatment system. The Test basin is comprised of a membrane-lined concrete basin. The location of the Test Basin on the property is shown on the provided map. The test Basin is currently enclosed within short wooden walls that extend from the concrete basin walls up to a roof structure. Viking is in the process of ascertaining further details on the history of AFFF testing at their property.

Nearby waterbodies include the Thornapple River and a wetland, both of which are downgradient of the source location.

Viking Corporation Historical Timeline

  • On October 11, 2018, Viking took 5 groundwater samples near the northern edge of their property near the “Test Basin”.
  • On December 28, 2018, Viking provided a Notice of Migration of Contamination to the Scotia Land Company, the neighboring property to the north, informing them that PFAS compounds were detected in groundwater monitor well TW-ATT-2R on their property.
  • On January 25, 2019, EGLE received communication of these results from Viking; the highest results were 192,000 ppt PFOS+PFOA, and 335,090 ppt Total Tested PFAS.
  • In February 2019, Viking submitted a workplan to EGLE for review and EGLE provided comments back.
  • In May 2019, Viking gained access to private property and permitted their work plan appropriately. Execution of their investigation work plan  began during the last week of May and continued through August.
  • In late May 2019, Viking was able to collect soil samples around the test basin and install an upland groundwater monitoring well cluster. Groundwater monitoring wells could not be installed in the wetland area as planned as conditions in the wetland were too wet for access.