Information for Residents to Test Their Own Home

EGLE has tested all public water supplies in 2018. If you pay a water bill, your supply was most likely tested. View the list of public water supply results.

If you have a private well, or are on a public water supply and still want more information on testing your own drinking water, continue reading this page.

PFAS sampling is different from other types of sampling because PFAS are present in many things we use in our everyday life, such as water-resistant and stain-resistant products. PFAS can also be present in:

  • Personal care products such as cosmetics and lotions.
  • Insect repellants and sunscreens.
  • Pizza boxes and fast food wrappers.
  • Recycled paper products such as paper towels and notebook paper .
  • Sampling equipment--in the material of the equipment itself or due to PFAS being used in the manufacturing process.
  • Ordinary latex gloves.  (Because PFAS is in latex gloves, samplers  must use powderless nitrile gloves.)

Since PFAS are analyzed in such small quantities--parts per trillion--even the smallest cross-contamination could contribute to a false positive sample.   To learn more about which products contain PFAS and which do not, review the General PFAS Sampling Guidance document, below.   Then use the media-specific guidance document for the specific type of sampling you are interested in.

Residential well PFAS Sampling Guidance for Homeowners (revised October 2018)

Residential Well Sampling Guidance for Homeowners