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Southeast Berrien County Landfill Authority (Niles, Berrien County)

Web content may not routinely be updated on this page. Please contact the Site Lead for the most up-to-date status of the site.
Content posted August 2020.

EGLE Site Lead

Nathan Whitmyer, or 269-286-1451.


The Southeast Berrien County Landfill located 1540 Mayflower Road is an active municipal solid waste landfill (Type II Landfill).   The landfill receives non-hazardous residential, commercial, and construction and demolition waste.

The landfill was sampled at the request of EGLE as part of statewide landfill survey.  Four groundwater monitoring wells were sampled and one well (MW-7) had concentrations of PFOA at 16 ppt, which is above the new Part 201 Criteria of 8 ppt PFOA. 

Groundwater flow is to the northwest.  There is a wetland and small lake (Crescent Lake) near the site. Analytical results indicate that there is no detection of PFAS in the monitoring well nearest the lake (PZ-86S).  Most of the residents near the landfill are on city water.

SE Berrien County Landfill Map

Recent Accomplishments

  • On October 15, 2019, four groundwater samples were collected from onsite monitoring wells for PFAS analysis.  One monitoring well (MW-7) exceeded Part 201 Criteria at 16 ppt PFOA and non-detect for PFOS.

Next Steps

  • Groundwater monitoring will continue at this site.

Residential Well Testing/Alternate Water Information

  • There are no residents downgradient from the monitoring well where PFAS was detected on this site. EGLE will work with the city and local health department to confirm all nearby residents are connected to municipal drinking water. 

Upcoming Community Engagement

  • None scheduled at this time.

Sampling: PFOS and PFOA Only

Type of Sample

Date Sampled
(or range)

Number of Sample Results Received

Number of Samples Above PFOS Criteria

Number of Samples Above PFOA Criteria

Groundwater Oct 2019 4 0 1
*Groundwater results are compared to EGLE Part 201 Criteria of 70 ppt PFOS+PFOA.

Sampling notes

  • None at this time.