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Charlevoix Municipal Well Field (Charlevoix, Charlevoix County)

EGLE Site Lead: Nic Dawson, or 517-897-0912. Webpage last updated May 5, 2022.


The Charlevoix Municipal Well site is located on Lake Shore Drive in Charlevoix. This site was a former Superfund Site where groundwater was contaminated by industrial chemicals - TCE and PCE.  Groundwater clean-up activities resulted in EPA removing the site from the Superfund Program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in 1993. Operation and maintenance activities are ongoing to address the industrial chemicals.  PFAS sampling was completed by Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) in October 2021 and three monitoring wells were found to contain PFAS analytes that exceeded groundwater clean-up criteria.  The highest results were 200 ppt PFHxS and 15 ppt PFOA.  EPA and EGLE will be conducting additional field work on the site in the spring (2022).  The work will include additional soil and groundwater investigations throughout the city.

The groundwater flow direction is to the northwest or northeast.  It is dependent upon the influence of Lake Michigan or Round Lake respectively.

Residential well sampling has not been completed because municipal drinking water is provided to residents of the city. The City of Charlevoix operates a Direct Filtration Water Treatment Facility which uses water from Lake Michigan. 

Charlevoix Municipal Well Field PFOA Map PreviewCharlevoix Municipal Well Field PFHxS Map Preview