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Surrey Township Landfill (Farwell, Clare County)

Web content may not routinely be updated on this page. Please contact the Site Lead for the most up-to-date status of the site.
Content posted March 2023.

EGLE Site Lead

Lynn Gosson, or 989-225-0161


Surrey Township Landfill (Landfill), also known as Surrey Township Dump, is located at 7590 Old State Road.  It is an unlined landfill that closed in the 1980s with some assistance from State of Michigan grant funds.  The Landfill was required to monitor the groundwater during its 30-year post closure period.  EGLE requested PFAS sampling of the monitoring wells based on Part 201 exceedances of 1,4-dioxane, methane, and volatile organic compounds. Surrey Township sampled five monitoring wells, three monitoring wells exceeded PFAS criteria.  The highest result was 68 ppt PFOA (compared to 8 ppt).

Groundwater flow direction is currently unknown. There are at least two lakes within ½ mile of the Landfill.

Surrey Township Landfill Map

Drinking Water Information

  • EGLE will work with the local health department, DHHS, and Surrey Township to evaluate residential wells near the site and to develop a sampling plan. EGLE will then request consent from the homeowner to sample drinking water wells for PFAS.

Anticipated Activities

  • Anticipated activities include continued monitoring through groundwater and residential well sampling.