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Grand Ledge National Guard Annex Property (Grand Ledge, Clinton County)

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Content posted May 2023.

EGLE Site Lead

Kim Sakowski,, or 517-582-2219.


The Grand Ledge National Guard Annex property is located at 16583 Wright Road, just northwest of the Grand Ledge Army Aviation Support Facility and Armory Site (GLAASF).  The military previously used the GLAASF for storage, training, and maintenance. It also historically housed a firefighting unit in the 1980s that was disbanded in the early 1990s. 

Groundwater was sampled at the Annex location for PFAS based off a record search that indicated AFFF was stored at the property. This location was formerly owned by GLAASF.  The highest result was 3,880 ppt PFOS (compared to 16 ppt) and 630 ppt PFOA (compared to 8 ppt).

Storm water generally flows north to Reed Drain, which ultimately drains to the Looking Glass River via Husted Landenburg Drain.  Groundwater generally flows to the south.

Grand Ledge National Guard Annex Property Map

Drinking Water Information

There are four residential wells surrounding the property.  In April 2023, access agreements were being sought for sampling.  EGLE, DHHS, and local health will evaluate residential well sampling efforts and results.

Anticipated Activities

Anticipated activities include residential well sampling of the four residential wells surrounding the property, mitigation of public health risks if identified in drinking water, and additional delineation of the groundwater plume.