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916 South Main Street (Eaton Rapids, Eaton County)

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EGLE site lead

Rebecca Taylor, or 517-284-5160.


A dry cleaning facility operated at 916 South Main Street from 1960 to 1980. After high concentrations of dry-cleaning solvents were discovered in soils by the property owner, groundwater monitoring wells were installed by the state during and after limited soils excavation and treatment.

In 2022, four monitoring wells were sampled for PFAS, and results were below criteria. In 2023, a network of monitoring wells was sampled for PFAS. One shallow monitoring well sampled twice had PFOA of 10 ppt (compared to 8 ppt) in the spring and 9.5 ppt in the fall. The distribution of PFAS in groundwater confirmed that the former dry cleaner is the probable source of PFAS above criteria. The PFAS and chlorinated solvent groundwater contamination plume flows to the northeast towards the Grand River. Public sanitary sewers and storm sewers are within the shallow groundwater contamination plume, and since storm sewers empty into the Grand River, it’s possible that some contamination may be reaching the river.

Content posted February 2024.


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Drinking water information

The area is served by Eaton Rapids municipal water, which was sampled five times to include 2023. PFAS was not detected in all five sampling events. There is one nearby residential drinking water well downgradient that will be sampled for PFAS in early 2024.

Anticipated activities

EGLE will conduct groundwater monitoring well sampling twice a year for PFAS. Storm sewer catch basins will be sampled for PFAS in the spring 2024 and annually thereafter. The owner of the nearby residential well will be contacted for permission to sample their wells for PFAS.