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Lacks Industries - Saranac (Saranac, Ionia County)

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EGLE site lead

Nicole Sanabria, or 517-281-7726.


This site is located at 6138 Riverside Drive in Saranac. This is currently a United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)-led Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C Corrective Action facility that historically conducted plating operations. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) is negotiating with USEPA to become the lead agency in the future. Wastewater from the plating operations were discharged to unlined ponds behind the plant.

Content posted September 2020.

Preview of map of Lacks Industries Saranac PFAS site.
Preview of map of Lacks Industries Saranac PFAS site.

Lacks Industries Saranac PFAS Investigation interactive map

View general information about the PFAS investigation being conducted at the Lacks Industries site. This map is a collection of various data sets related to the PFAS investigation and were collected under Lacks Industries direction at the Lacks Industries facility.

Launch web map

View the interactive map to explore the Former Lacks Industries - Saranac site.

Maps and data portal

Find all of EGLE's web maps and open data centralized to one location.

Drinking water

Not applicable; review of available information does not indicate the presence of private wells downgradient from the source, nor any drinking water intakes on the Grand River within Ionia County.

Anticipated activities

Based upon the sampling results, EGLE staff will evaluate sample coverage and direct the facility to sample additional wells as necessary.

Historical timeline

    • On September 7, 2018, EGLE collected 2 groundwater samples alongside Lacks Industries to analyze for PFAS.
    • On September 14, 2018, EGLE received the results from the groundwater sampling. The highest values were 2,270 ppt PFOS+PFOA and 2,340 ppt Total Tested PFAS. Based upon those results, EGLE expedited the Community Water Supply sampling of the Village of Saranac’s municipal wells, as they are located beside the plume.
    • On September 27, 2018, EGLE sampled the Village of Saranac’s municipal wells.
    • On October 10, 2018, EGLE received the results from the municipal sampling. The water supply had no detections of any PFAS compounds.
    • On October 12, 2018, to verify the operating understanding that groundwater discharges to the Grand River, Lacks sampled their three monitoring wells across the Grand River due west of the site. EGLE took split samples on two of the three wells.
    • On November 8, 2018, EGLE received the results from the October sampling. None of the wells had any detections of any PFAS compounds.
    • EGLE directed Lacks Industries to create a sampling plan for PFAS to be incorporated into their next quarterly groundwater sampling event.
    • On February 28, 2019, EGLE responded to a February 27, 2019 contact from the Ionia County Health Department to verify that there are no other drinking water receptors within the plume.
    • On February 28, 2019 the EGLE released an online interactive map for the site.
    • Lacks sampled the following groundwater wells along the river:
      • 3/25/2019 MW-32 S & D and MW-22 S & D
      • 3/26/2019:  MW-38 S, D & DD, MW-34, MW-35 S & D
      • 3/27/2019 MW-24 and MW-25 S & D 
    • The March 2019 groundwater sampling results were received and plotted on the live map on this page.

    Historical Sampling Chart: data is reflective of criteria prior to 8/3/2020:
    PFOS + PFOA Only

    This chart reflects data received prior to 8/3/2020.

    Type of Sample

    Date Sampled

    # of Samples

    # of Results Received

    # of Non-detects

    # Between Non-detect and standard*



    Sep 2018 -
    Mar 2019
    18 18 12 2 4
    Cumulative 18 18 12 2 4

    *Groundwater results are compared to EGLE Part 201 Criteria of 70 ppt PFOS+PFOA.

  • Sampling Notes

    • On August 3, 2020, new Part 201 Criteria went into effect.  Historical sampling data compared to Part 201 Criteria >70 is captured in the historical timeline below.
    • Other PFAS analytes were detected in samples. There are no federal or state standards for these analytes.