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City of Jackson Residential Well Sampling Area of Interest (Jackson, Jackson County)

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In the spring 2024, EGLE received funding from an EPA Small or Disadvantaged Community grant to collect residential well samples in two areas in Michigan, one of which is in the city of Jackson. Funding will be used to sample drinking water wells in the four areas identified on the map. These areas were selected because the homes are near a likely source of PFAS (for example, an airport or industrial site).The four areas will be prioritized by a team of staff from EGLE, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and local health department, with input from the city and township officials. EGLE’s contractor AECOM will collect residential well samples from residents who allow EGLE access. Sampling will be done one area at a time, starting near the likely source of PFAS and moving outward.

Groundwater flow in each neighborhood may differ, but generally will be toward water bodies such as the Grand River.

Content posted June 2024.


Residential well sampling is proposed in the four areas outlined in pink.

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Drinking water information

Once samples are analyzed, drinking water results will be sent to each homeowner, along with educational information, including how to interpret their lab results.  Filters will be provided as determined by DHHS and local health. Filters are considered a short-term solution. The long-term solution is to connect homes with PFAS contamination to municipal water. Additional grant funding will be provided to the City of Jackson, as needed, to conduct the planning needed to apply for infrastructure funding that would pay for the connections of the homes to municipal water in the four areas.


Some residential wells were sampled in the City of Jackson as part of the following PFAS investigations: Michner Plating – Mechanic Street and Michner Plating – Angling Street.

Anticipated activities

EGLE and DHHS will evaluate data as it is received and will work with the City of Jackson to implement long-term solutions for drinking water.