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Citizen Complaint Investigations

In addition to the PFAS investigations, EGLE responded to citizen complaints regarding alleged disposal areas at additional locations. As of January 2019, EGLE has conducted and completed investigations at a total of 109 alleged source areas.    

Shown below are summaries for five of the investigations that included drinking water well sampling.  These investigations did not identify PFAS disposal areas, and sample results from all homes were below 70 ppt PFOA+PFOS.

Childsdale Area - Childsdale Avenue north of Kuttshill Drive
October 2017
EGLE sampled 8 homes
All results less than 6 ppt (PFOS+PFOA)

Douthett Dump - Lily and Buning Lanes north of 4 Mile Road
January 2018
EGLE sampled 21 homes
All results less than 24 ppt (PFOS+PFOA)

Ramsdell Area - Ramsdell Drive south of 10 Mile Road
October 2017
Wolverine sampled 7 homes
All results less than 3 ppt (PFOS+PFOA) 

Rezen Area - Rezen Court area just north of Rockford High School
October 2017
Wolverine sampled 44 homes
All results less than 9 ppt (PFOS+PFOA) 

Whitten Area - Blossom Trail and Whitten Road
February/March 2018
EGLE sampled 10 homes
All results less than 5 ppt (PFOS+PFOA)