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Kentwood Landfill Superfund Site (Kentwood, Kent County)

EGLE Site Lead: Priyank Patel, or 517-285-3724. Webpage last updated February 19, 2019.


The Kentwood Landfill Superfund site is a 72-acre unlined landfill that operated from the 1950s to 1976, when it was capped and closed. There is a leachate collection system in place, but since the landfill is unlined, it is possible that the system would not collect all the leachate being generated. In March 2018, the city of Kentwood requested Kent County to sample existing residential wells near the landfill. Both the city of Kentwood and Kent County are Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) for the Kentwood Landfill Site. The city of Kentwood made this request out of an abundance of caution due to the possibility of PFAS from the landfill being in the groundwater. Kent County hired a professional, qualified engineer who collected drinking water samples from 3 homes. Kent County’s engineer analyzed those residential well samples for 21 PFAS compounds using the isotope dilution laboratory method. The results were non-detect for PFOS+PFOA for all 3 homes. In May and August 2018, as part of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE)'s Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP), Wyoming Waste Water Treatment facility staff collected and analyzed leachate coming from the Kentwood Landfill for PFAS compounds. Results from the testing showed levels of PFOS+PFOA concentrations in leachate exceeding the Part 201 criteria of 70 ppt. Even though the residential well results from March 2018 were non-detect, EGLE requested that the County sample existing groundwater monitoring wells throughout the landfill to determine the extent of potential PFAS contamination. The County is developing a workplan to propose the sampling strategy; the workplan is expected in March 2019. 

Map of Kentwood Landfill Area of Interest

Sampling Results Summary

Type of Sample

Number of Samples

Number of Results Received Number of Non-Detect Samples (PFOS+PFOA)  Number of Detections Below 70 ppt (PFOS+PFOA)  Number of Detections Greater than 70 ppt (PFOS+PFOA)

Residential Wells

3 3 3 0 0