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New Era Properties (Walker, Kent County)

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Please contact the Site Lead for the most up-to-date status of this site.

EGLE site lead

Christine Matlock, or 517-290-4612


The New Era Properties site is the location of the former Fenske Landfill and Closed Hazardous Waste Pile (Waste Pile) located at 2637 Wilson SW, in Kent County, adjacent to the Grand River. This landfill accepted liquid industrial waste, solid industrial waste, and solid municipal waste, from 1967 until the 1970s, when solid waste regulations were passed. Additionally, metal hydroxide plating sludges were stored on-site, in a waste pile. Clean closure of the waste pile was achieved in June 2008. Due to the previous acceptance of industrial and municipal wastes, and the management of metal hydroxide plating sludges, EGLE sampled the groundwater in July 2021, to determine if PFAS were present. The highest result in groundwater was 91 ppt for PFOS (compared to 16 ppt). Landfill leachate was indirectly sampled through a gas vent well in August 2021, and it was verified that the liquid contains PFAS.

Landfill operations were also conducted on the adjacent property in Ottawa County under a separate investigation summarized in the following MPART site investigation webpage: Fenske Landfills, Inc. (Tallmadge Township, Ottawa County).

Shallow groundwater flows toward the Grand River. The groundwater between the landfill and the Grand River was not sampled during this initial sampling. Additional sampling is needed to determine if the groundwater venting to the Grand River is contaminated. 

Content posted May 2024.


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Drinking water information

EGLE, DHHS, and local health have evaluated nearby drinking water wells and will be sampling a nearby drinking water well.

Anticipated activities

EGLE has asked the property owner to further evaluate the impact of the landfill on the adjacent wetlands and the Grand River.