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Sparta Foundry Waste Facility (Sparta, Kent County)

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Please contact the Site Lead for the most up-to-date status of this site.

EGLE site lead

Kent Walters, or (616) 278-4350.

Waste Disposal Questions

Please note that this landfill is CLOSED and does not accept waste. 


Sparta Foundry Waste Facility, located at 9737 Laubach Avenue, is a landfill that accepted foundry sand from the operations of Federal-Mogul, located in the village of Sparta.The landfill is located southwest of Sparta and operated from the early 1980s thru 2021. The landfill is unlined; however, it does have a groundwater monitoring system installed to monitor and test for any groundwater impact related to landfill activities. The site’s monitoring program consists of nine monitoring points with six locations monitored quarterly and one surface water testing location also sampled quarterly. Historically, the site has not detected any contamination related to the landfill operations. EGLE currently has little information on potential PFAS use in industrial foundry operations, so it was requested that the site complete PFAS analysis before the landfill reached closure. The landfill was sampled at all six sampling locations and the surface water sampling location, and EGLE collected duplicate samples at two locations. Two groundwater wells had PFOA above criteria, the highest of which was10 ppt (compared to 8 ppt).

Groundwater generally flows to the east, towards a small wetland. Storm water from the landfill flows through a culvert and into the wetland. A surface water sample was collected from the wetland adjacent to the culvert outlet and was found to have PFOS at 13 ppt which is above the surface water quality value of 12 ppt.

Content posted April 2023.

Site map

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Drinking water

Drinking water wells exist approximately 1200 feet east of the landfill. EGLE, DHHS, and the local health department are evaluating residential wells to determine if drinking water sampling is needed.

Anticipated activities

EGLE will work with the landfill owner to develop next steps in the PFAS investigation and delineation of groundwater impacts.