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Bofors Nobel (Egleston Township, Muskegon County)

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EGLE site lead

Mark Reimann, or 517-290-9379.


Bofors Nobel is a Superfund site located at 5025 Evanston Avenue. The site includes a former chemical production facility (Lomac, Inc.) and 10 abandoned sludge lagoons. The production and disposal of hazardous lagoon sludges on site have contaminated soil and groundwater. In the 1970s, contaminated groundwater discharging to Black Creek caused fish kills and severely impacted aquatic life in the creek. A groundwater extraction system that began operating in the early 1980s continues to operate and helps prevent discharge of site related contamination to the creek. This effort has helped the creek recover enough that some native fish populations have been reestablished in the previously affected portion of the creek. Many site contaminants still exceed criteria in the creek water.

Groundwater from nine extraction wells and surface water from the treatment wetland are sent to the Groundwater Treatment Plant (GWTP) and treated by a Granular Activated Carbon system. On March 25, 2021, three samples collected from the GWTP exceeded criteria for PFOS prior to treatment. The highest result was 23 ppt PFOS (compared to 16 ppt). The treated water is discharged to Muskegon County Resource Recovery Center (Permit No. BoFos10a).

Groundwater flows to the south towards Black Creek. The extent of site related PFAS contamination and its effect on Black Creek is still unknown.

Content posted May 2023.

Groundwater map

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Site map

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Drinking water

There is a restrictive covenant onsite preventing the installation of wells for drinking water purposes. Homes in the area are on municipal water. EGLE and DHHS have verified there are no residential wells in the area that need to be sampled.

Anticipated activities

EGLE will continue to work with EPA with future sampling activities at this site.