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Former Federal Screw Works (Chelsea, Washtenaw County)

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Ashley Lesser, or 517-285-6324.


The former Federal Screw Works is located at 425 Congdon Street) in Chelsea and consists of two vacant parcels on the west side of Main Street. The property was used for screw manufacturing from 1919 to 2006 which included parts cleaning, plating, vapor degreasing, oil salvage, and storage of gasoline and oils in aboveground and underground storage tanks. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from releases of petroleum products and chlorinated solvents were identified in groundwater flowing off-site to the southwest.

In 2013, Federal Screw Works excavated several areas on the southwest portion of the property to remove oil-saturated soils and incorporate treatment amendments to reduce contaminant concentrations. Further response activities and monitoring of the remaining VOC contamination are ongoing. Main Street Park Alliance recently purchased the property for redevelopment as a public park.

As part of their due diligence, in July 2023, their consultant sampled groundwater for PFAS. The highest groundwater result was 43 ppt PFOA (compared to 8 ppt). Groundwater flows generally to the southwest.

An 18-inch diameter municipal storm sewer runs east-to-west across the property and discharges to Letts Creek which is approximately a half mile away.

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Drinking water

Municipal water is available in the vicinity of the property. EGLE, DHHS and LHD reviewed residential well records and determined there are no residential wells nearby.

Anticipated activities

EGLE recently approved a Response Activity Plan submitted by Main Street Park Alliance to prepare the property for safe public access prior to redevelopment and to fulfill obligations as the owner of a contaminated property.