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ADA Browser Extension

State of Michigan - Web Content Management System - ADA Browser Extension

The State of Michigan leverages an enterprise web content management system to create and maintain all websites. In an effort to provide the internal State staff creating and maintaining content with the best possible experience, a Microsoft Chromium Edge browser extension was developed. This browser extension closes specific types of accessibility gaps in the following areas:

  • Keyboard navigation (including visual highlighting)
  • Screen reader support (e.g. alt text on images, aria labels)
  • Contrast color
  • Font sizes

This extension is available to State of Michigan employees and contractors who have author access to the web content management system. The extension can be installed from the Microsoft Edge Add-On Store and a license key can be requested from the eMichigan team. When used, the browser extension works with the client installed assistive technology to provide keyboard shortcuts, improve color contrast and enable additional screen reader support. Any questions regarding access should be submitted by email to