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Social Media

Michigan government has long embraced the use of social media. As an extension to traditional channels of constituent engagement, the state uses social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, video live streaming and audio podcasts to create a more accessible and participatory government.

Michigan was one of the first U.S. state governments to adopt a centralized social media governance strategy for executive branch departments. Unique to state government, Michigan's statewide social media director and digital content administrator guides social media policy, use, training and oversight of the Statewide Social Media Governance Council for the state's social media program. 

Supporting over 800 executive branch social media accounts on 11 platforms, the state reaches over 8 million followers daily. Having been awarded an “A” rating for social media strategy by StateTech, the state of Michigan prides itself on enhancing transparency, communication, customer service, collaboration and information exchange among the state and the public through the use of social media. Michigan government and many state agencies have been recognized on the national state for their innovative use of social media. Explore several social media resources and search for accounts below.

Making Government More Accessible Video

Making Government More Accessible

Social media has and will continue to play an important role in the state's overall digital and Citizen-Centric Government strategy. Check out this video to see how agencies are using social media. Explore additional resources below.

Frequently Used Hashtags

View commonly use hashtags from state government.

Social Media Community Guidelines

Review our community guidelines and customer use policy.

Social Media Day in Michigan

Join us in celebrating Social Media Day on June 30.

Social Media Policy

View policy resources for the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government.

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Recognized on the local, regional, and national stage, the State of Michigan produces several award winning podcasts. Be sure to check out our podcasts page to learn more.  
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Holly Vaughn from the Wildtalk Podcast, foreground, chats about what is going on around the state with Hannah Schauer, background, for one of the podcast’s regular segments.