Executive Directive 2019 - 06

This directive establishes the basic policy for the executive branch of Michigan state government regarding departmental and autonomous agency activity with budgetary implications.  It is intended to reinforce the need for departments and agencies to examine each of their actions for any resulting budgetary implications.

Acting pursuant to Article 5, §§ 1 and 8 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963, I therefore direct the following:

  1. Department directors and autonomous agency heads shall consult with the State Budget Director, or the Director’s designated representative, on basic fiscal policy matters, including planned or proposed program changes with budgetary implications.
  2. Proposed internal organizational changes allocating or reallocating duties and functions at the division level or above must be submitted to the State Budget Director for review and approval before submission to the Governor for approval under § 7 of the Executive Organization Act of 1965, 1965 PA 380, as amended, MCL 16.107.  Changes below the division level must be reported to the State Budget Director before implementation.
  3. Any organizational changes involving the establishment of positions in excess of legislatively authorized FTE levels also must be approved by the State Budget Director.
  4. A request to the Legislature for a supplemental appropriation or a transfer must originate with the State Budget Director.  Department directors or autonomous agency heads must submit a draft of the request and supporting documentation to the State Budget Director.
  5. Legislation initiated by a department, directly or on behalf of any of its organizational entities, must be transmitted to the State Budget Director before its introduction.  The State Budget Director shall review the legislation for any budgetary implications and report any pertinent findings to the Governor.

Your cooperation in complying with this directive is appreciated.

Gretchen Whitmer

Executive Directive 2019-06.pdf