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Thriving Cities

Lt. Governor Gilchrist speaking in front of residents at a local city event.
Office of the Governor

Thriving Cities

Thriving Cities Welcome

What is the Thriving Cities Tour?

Michigan’s cities have so many opportunities to offer people, however, our communities are also faced with many needs that have gone unmet for decades. With more and more people making the choice to live in cities, it is important to address these challenges across the state.

In an effort to improve the quality of life in urban centers, Lt. Governor Gilchrist will be hosting the Thriving Cities tour in cities across the state. The tour will bring together grassroots and grass-tops individuals for an open and honest conversation about how the state can better meet the needs of cities in five key areas.

The Five Buckets of Thriving Cities

Five Buckets

Most challenges people face in our cities can be covered by one or more of the five buckets. How would you rank each issue? What solutions do have to tackle these challenges? Email us at

At the end of the tour, the administration will compile, present, and advocate for a collectively developed agenda that calls for action at the local, state, and executive levels.


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