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MIO Technical Assistance Center 

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MIO Technical Assistance Center 


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In 2022, Governor Whitmer signed P.A. 166 of 2022, establishing a technical assistance program within the Michigan Infrastructure Office.

The Michigan Infrastructure Office (MIO) Technical Assistance (TA) program allows eligible recipients to directly contract with pre-qualified consultants through their Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Regional Planning Agencies, or Economic Development Districts (MPO/RPA) to first receive consulting services on a fast-track, as-needed basis, and then get reimbursed from the MIO for those approved services.

Selected contractors will perform consulting services, grant identification, project management, grant writing and administration for projects supported with federal infrastructure discretionary grants. This program is administered by MIO with support from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).


    • project planning
    • record keeping
    • grant identification
    • grant reporting
    • grant application writing & submittal
    • project close-out
    • project implementation
    • reasonably associated activities


    MPO/RPA staff time for associated work is considered an eligible activity. 

    • local government
    • Regional Transportation Planning Organizations
    • road commissions
    • transit agencies
    • Metropolitan Planning Organizations

    • Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (economic development districts)

  • Qualified consultants are pre-vetted firms already under contract through the State of Michigan’s MiDeal Extended Purchasing Program

    Two contract areas with qualified firms to review and solicit for Requests For Proposals include Financial Auditing & Accounting Services and Local Government & School Financial Consulting

    Pre-qualified contracts are subject to a competitive second-tier bidding process.

  • The MPO/RPA and/or the Eligible Recipient will pay the contractor and then submit receipts to MIO for reimbursement. Eligible costs may include MPO/RPA staff time associated with the work. MIO will review submitted receipts and approve payments. Payments will be made by MDOT following MIO approval to release funds. 

    MIO expects that all projects will proceed expeditiously and encourages applications to be implemented quickly and effectively.

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For Administrative & Qualification questions: 

Timothy R. Fischer

Transportation Infrastructure Officer -- Michigan Infrastructure Office 

George W. Romney Building

111 S. Capitol Avenue 

Lansing, Mi 48909

Cell: 517-599-9135


For Financial & Reporting questions:

Patrick McCarthy

Director, Bureau of Finance Administration -- Michigan Department of Transportation 

Van Wagoner Building 

425 W. Ottawa Street

P.O. Box 30050

Lansing, MI 48909


For MiDEAL questions: 

Shawn Vaughn

MiDEAL and Outreach Program Manager, Training & Policy Division Central Procurement Services -- Customer Experience 

State of Michigan 


About the Michigan Infrastructure Office

The Michigan Infrastructure Office is responsible for organizing and executing Governor Whitmer’s vision for infrastructure, coordinating across state government, marshaling resources, and partnering with local officials, federal partners, and outside stakeholders to ensure resources sent to Michigan through BIL, also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), are used efficiently and effectively.