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Michigan Infrastructure Projects

Office of the Governor

Michigan Infrastructure Projects

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The Michigan Infrastructure Office (MIO) is committed to providing a robust, efficient, and transparent permitting process. Streamlining the permitting process will help us deliver infrastructure projects on time and on budget, keeping people working and spurring economic growth.

Infrastructure Project Dashboard

The MIO permits dashboard allows the public to track the state's coordinated progress on reviewing, streamlining, and expediting the review and decision of permits. Click here to nominate a project to be included in the state's Streamlined Infrastructure Permitting process. 

Learn more about Michigan Infrastructure Projects

Click here for more information on benefits of an efficient permitting process and the state's Streamlined Infrastructure Permitting process. 
Headshot of Zach Kolodin.
"With hundreds of infrastructure projects already happening across the state right now, it's critical that we keep the pedal to the metal in order to continue delivering for Michiganders."
              – Zach Kolodin
                Chief Infrastructure Officer &
                Director of the Michigan Infrastructure Office

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Directive 2022-6 to make Michigan’s permitting process even more efficient and transparent. It will apply to projects that cost $50 million or more. The directive will increase coordination by requiring the Michigan Infrastructure Office that the governor established earlier this year to convene all relevant state departments and agencies to develop a coordinated permitting process for each large infrastructure project. Additionally, the directive requires state departments and agencies to create publicly available permitting schedules offering clear timelines and avoiding duplication of efforts. Finally, it instructs the MIO to develop a public permitting dashboard to track progress of projects and ensure that all projects meet environmental and climate resilience goals.

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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides Michigan with significant resources to tackle necessary infrastructure improvements. Michigan will use those resources to improve water infrastructure, provide safe drinking water, repair and rebuild Michigan’s roads and bridges, promote reliable high-speed internet, and accelerate electrification of automobiles and transit. These investments will allow Michiganders to get to work safely and quickly, to have confidence in the safety of their drinking water, and to protect their homes and businesses from extreme weather. Investments in mobility, clean energy, and electricity transmission and resilience will also foster Michigan’s standing as a global leader in advanced manufacturing.

Michigan Infrastructure Permits Map

The map below depicts Michigan infrastructure projects tracked on the Permitting Dashboard. Per Executive Directive 2022-6, these are covered projects with an estimated cost of $50 million or more, which have initiated the permitting process and have been selected for coordinated permitting.