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Photo of Governor Whitmer talking to the media at an event.
Office of the Governor


Open Government

"Michiganders deserve to know that their governor is working for the people. By voluntarily releasing this information to the public, my hope is that we can start earning back people’s trust in state government as we work to fix the roads, clean up our drinking water, and improve education and skills training."

-Governor Whitmer

This page voluntarily discloses public calendars for the Governor and Lt. Governor, along with the governor’s federal income tax returns and personal financial information.

Executive Directives

Since taking office in January, Gov. Whitmer has taken the following steps to improve transparency and accountability in state government by:

  • Signing Executive Directive 2019-03, which established the basic policy of the executive branch of state government for standards of ethical conduct for department directors, appointees of the governor and employees within the executive branch.
  • Signing Executive Directive 2019-05, which prohibits the use of private email to conduct state business.
  • Signing Executive Directive 2019-11, which expands the reach and effectiveness of the Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act to create a more transparent state government. The executive directive also requires departments to designate a transparency liaison to facilitate Freedom of Information Act requests, find ways to disclose public records in a cost-efficient manner and for the use of live streaming to broadcast public meetings to anywhere in the state.