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Michigan Leads on Hydrogen

Michigan Leads on Hydrogen

Michigan Leads on Hydrogen


Bringing Clean Energy to Michigan

Investments in the development of a robust clean hydrogen market, supply chain, and workforce have the opportunity to create good-paying jobs, expand economic opportunity, promote energy independence, and improve public health outcomes.


Michigan is proud to be a leading member of the Midwestern Hydrogen Coalition, committed to accelerating and improving clean hydrogen production, processing, and use throughout the region.

Hydrogen Means Big Benefits for Michigan

  • Presents enormous opportunity for innovation and further investment in our state’s energy sector
  • Leverages Michigan’s unique economic and natural assets to help create and advance a thriving Midwestern hydrogen economy
  • Enables existing industries to remain globally competitive, including maintaining the strength of MI’s manufacturing workforce, while catalyzing new business opportunities with high-paying jobs
  • Enhances energy security and produces long-term reductions in energy costs for consumers and industries across multiple sectors
  • Dramatically reduces pollution in the hardest-to-abate sectors
  • Helps position Michigan as a national leader in the ongoing transition to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy sector

"The Midwest will continue leading the
future of mobility and energy innovation
and has enormous potential for
transformative hydrogen investments."

– Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Headshot of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in front of the Mackinac Bridge.

The State of Michigan
Hydrogen Working Group

• Nadia Abunasser
• Liesl Clark
• Cory Connolly
• Zachary Kolodin
• Kevin Mehren
• Quentin L. Messer Jr.
• Sarah Mullkoff
• Trevor Pawl
• Katherine L. Peretick

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Zachary Kolodin at