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Governor Whitmer Calls on Republicans to Negotiate a Comprehensive Budget


August 28, 2019 


Governor Whitmer Calls on Republicans to Negotiate a Comprehensive Budget 


LANSING, Mich. -- Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference where she called on Republicans in the Legislature to come to the table and negotiate a comprehensive budget solution that will raise the revenue we need to fix the damn roads and invest in public education so every student has a path to success.


Since Governor Whitmer introduced her executive budget recommendation six months ago, she has traveled all over the state to talk to Michiganders about her plans to fix the damn roads and improve public education. In the past 176 days, she has participated in more than 70 town halls, roundtables, bridge visits, and school visits to talk to local leaders and educators about what 40 years of disinvestment in our state means to them. In that time, Republicans in Lansing went on a two-month summer vacation and have not yet proposed a comprehensive budget plan that would solve the fundamental problems facing our state. 


“I’m working day and night to get a deal that will make bold, meaningful investments in our schools and infrastructure,” said Governor Whitmer. “The problems we’re facing are decades in the making, and they’re a result of leaders in Lansing kicking the can down the road and using School Aid Fund dollars to fill gaps in the budget. That changes this year. I’m not going to sign a budget that doesn’t include a real fix. It’s time for Republicans to stop playing games, come to the table, and negotiate a real solution.” 


Michigan’s public schools have been operating for 58 days without knowing what their budget will be. The state fiscal year ends in 33 days on September 30, 2019.


Several business, labor, and education groups have come out in support of key elements of the governor’s budget, including the Detroit Regional Chamber, Business Leaders for Michigan, the Michigan Chamber, the Small Business Association of Michigan, the Michigan Education Association, AFT Michigan, and more. 


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