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Gov. Whitmer Signs Bills Into Law


January 27, 2019  


Gov. Whitmer Signs Bills Into Law 


LANSING, Mich. -- Today, Governor Whitmer signed House Bills 4051, 4411, 4309, 5241, 5242, 5243, and 4156 as well as Senate Bills 434 and 184.  


House Bill 4051 amends the Mental Health Code to establish a Michigan CARES (Community, Access, Resources, Education and Safety) hotline for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. This bill was sponsored by Representative Mary Whiteford,  R – Casco Township.  


“As governor, my number one job is to protect the health and safety of all Michigan residents,” said Whitmer. “By creating a mental health hotline that will be available 24/7, we have taken a necessary step towards giving all Michiganders the care they need.”   


House Bill 4156 would allow mental health professionals, other than a psychiatrist, to work in a state-run psychiatric hospital without forfeiting their retirement benefits. This bill was sponsored by Representative Hank Vaupel, R - Fowlerville. 


House Bill 4309 creates civil and criminal penalties for violations of the “Fantasy Contests Consumer Protection Act” which regulates fantasy contests within the state. This bill is  The bill was sponsored by Representative Michael Webber, R – Rochester Hills.  


House Bill 4411 amends the Credit Services Protection Act to remove the 90 day performance deadline for companies that provide credit monitoring services. The bill was sponsored by Representative Jim Lilly, R- Park Township. 


House Bill 5241 adopts the revision of the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) Valuation Manual from 2017. Under the bill all Michigan companies would be subject to the newly adopted Valuation Manual, with no loopholes or exemptions for certain businesses. The bill was sponsored by Representative Rendon, R- Lake City.  


House Bill 5242 amends the Insurance Code to allow the Director of DIFS to act as the group-wide supervisor for insurance holding company systems with a significant international presence and creates a framework to guide the DIFS director in determining when to assume that role for such a holding company. The bill was sponsored by Representative Robert Wittenberg, D – Huntington Woods.  


House Bill 5243 would amend sections of the insurance code to require that insurers with over $500 million in annual premium to establish an internal audit function. An “internal audit function” is a person or persons that provides independent, objective, and reasonable assurance to the audit committee and management regarding the insurer’s governance, risk management, and internal controls. This bill was sponsored by Brad Paquette, R- Niles.   


The House Bill package 5241- 5243 aligns Michigan with NAIC Accreditation Program. 


Senate Bill 184 eliminates the requirement that athletic trainers must have at least 75 hours of continuing education within a 3-year cycle. Instead, the department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs must promulgate rules that adhere to standards issued by nationally recognized professional associations and certification boards. This bill was sponsored by Senator Curt VanderWall, R – Ludington.  


Senate Bill 434 allows the licensure of mobile salons, which are vehicles equipped with cosmetology equipment that allows a cosmetologist to establish one’s business without a fixed location. This bill was sponsored by Senator Aric Nesbitt, R – Lawton.