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Governor Whitmer's Chief Compliance Officer Corina Peña Andorfer to Retire after 18 Years in Public Service


October 2, 2020 

Governor Whitmer’s Chief Compliance Officer Corina Peña Andorfer to Retire after 18 Years in Public Service 
LANSING, Mich. -- After 18 years of public service, Corina Peña Andorfer, Governor Whitmer’s Chief Compliance Officer, is retiring on November 30th. Prior to her role in the governor’s office, Andorfer served as Chief Compliance Officer for the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and as Deputy Legal Counsel in the office of Governor Jennifer M. Granholm. 
“Corina is a dedicated, whip-smart public servant who has been a crucial part of my executive team, and a crucial part of our state government for years,” said Governor Whitmer. “I am proud to have worked alongside her over the past two years as we have worked to build a stronger Michigan for everyone. Corina will be dearly missed by everyone on our staff, but I rest easy knowing that she is leaving our state government better than she found it. I am hopeful that she enjoys her well-deserved retirement.” 
“I am proud to have served under two strong women governors during my service to the state, and as I begin this new chapter of my life, I am grateful for all of my friends and colleagues in state government,” said Andorfer. “I want to thank Governor Whitmer for her leadership during this time and wish the best of luck to her and the rest of our team moving forward.” 
Prior to her service to the state, Andorfer served as a corporate and finance attorney for Dykema Gossett PLCC and a consultant for health policy at Public Sector Consultants in Lansing. She received an Associate Degree from Lansing Community College, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from James Madison College at Michigan State University, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. 
The Executive Office of Governor Whitmer will conduct a search to fill Andorfer’s role as Chief Compliance Officer in the coming weeks.