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Governor Whitmer Recognizes World AIDS Day in Michigan


December 1, 2020 



Governor Whitmer Recognizes World AIDS Day in Michigan 


LANSING, Mich. -- Governor Gretchen Whitmer recognized the millions of individuals whose lives have been impacted or taken by HIV/AIDS by proclaiming today as AIDS Day in Michigan.  


“Today Michigan joins together with people across the globe to show solidarity for the millions of people living with HIV and to raise awareness for the fight against this devastating virus,” said Governor Whitmer. “This year we have been reminded of the impact a virus can have on our families and friends, and of the disproportionate impact it can have on marginalized communities. As we recognize today as AIDS Day, we must continue to push to make improvements to both our health care systems and inequities that exist in this country.”  


The recognition coincides with World AIDS Day which aims to unite the world in the fight against HIV, show support for those living with HIV, as well as commemorate those who have died AIDS or an AIDS-related illness.  


According to the World Health Organization, approximately 690,000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses worldwide in 2019. Additionally, approximately 1.2 million individuals in the United States are living with HIV today, and there are a number of health disparities related to HIV infection with a disproportionate risk of infection for gay and bisexual men, Black and Latinx individuals, people who inject drugs, transgender people, and younger age groups. 


The governor signed an Executive Directive in July that instructs the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) to begin developing rules that will require implicit bias training as part of the knowledge and skills necessary for licensure, registration and renewal of licenses and registrations of health professionals in Michigan.  


To view the full proclamation, click the link below: