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Governor Whitmer: Banning Guns at the Capitol is the Right thing to do


January 11, 2021 

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Governor Whitmer: Banning Guns at the Capitol is the Right thing to do 


LANSING, Mich. -- After armed protestors stormed the Michigan Capitol last April and an armed insurrection that resulted in the death of a capitol police officer at the United States Capitol last Wednesday, Governor Whitmer released the following statement after the Michigan Capitol Commission voted to ban guns in the Michigan Capitol: 


No lawmaker, reporter, staff member, or anyone who works in the Michigan Capitol should fear for their safety at work. But in the past year, we have seen a rapid rise in violent rhetoric and threats to public safety that require our immediate action. In April of 2020, armed protestors stormed the Michigan Capitol and stood in the gallery, long guns in hand, looking to intimidate legislators doing their job to serve the people of Michigan. And last week, we saw an armed insurgency occur in our nation’s capitol. This cannot stand. We must take immediate action to protect everyone who steps foot in our state Capitol. 


“The Capitol Commission’s action to ban open carry guns at the Capitol is a good start, but more action is needed. On a normal day, hundreds of people walk through the Capitol, including groups of fourth graders, teachers, and parents on school field trips to learn about state government. That’s why we must take action to ban all weapons at the Capitol to keep Michiganders safe. I am hopeful that the Capitol Commission will recognize the need for further actionand I stand ready to assist in implementing this policy to keep Michiganders safe.”