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Gov. Whitmer on President Biden Boosting Vaccine Supply by Purchasing an Additional 200 Million Vaccines to Address Shortage


January 26, 2021  



Gov. Whitmer on President Biden Boosting Vaccine Supply by Purchasing an Additional 200 Million Vaccines to Address Shortage 

Gov. Whitmer and Lt. Gov. Gilchrist also released statements on President Biden’s Racial Equity Orders. 


LANSING, Mich. -- Governor Gretchen Whitmer released the following statement after President Biden announced his plan to purchase an additional 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to ensure that every American who wants a vaccine can receive one. 


“From his first day in office, President Biden has made it clear that his administration will have a clear national strategy to defeat COVID-19 once and for all,” said Governor Whitmer. “We know that the vaccine is the most effective way to get back to our normal day-to-day activities, which is why it is so good to see the Biden Administration doing everything in their power to get these vaccines to states as quickly as possible. In Michigan, we have a plan to vaccinate 50,000 Michiganders per day, and this additional supply will go a long way to help us reach that goal. I know the administration will continue to take every necessary step to ramp up production of supplies for vaccines, testing, and personal protective equipment. We can accomplish a lot when we have partners in the White House who will work with us, not against us, to get our arms around COVID-19 and build our economy back better than before.” 


Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II also released the following statements after President Biden signed a series of executive orders to advance racial equity for all Americans:  


“President Biden’s actions confirm that we have a partner in the White House who will listen to the righteous calls for justice and take swift action to implement lasting change that advances equity for all, including people of color and underserved, marginalized communities,” said Governor Whitmer. “President Biden, along with his historically diverse administration, are the leaders we need to unite our divided nation, remove systemic barriers, and build a better America that reflects the real needs of all Americans. In Michigan, we created the Equity and Inclusion Officer to develop diversity and inclusion strategies within the executive office that will help us create more equitable policies around access to good-paying jobs, affordable housing, post-secondary education, and affordable healthcare. I look forward to working alongside President Biden to address inequities in our system and develop opportunities where everyone can know success.”  


“President Biden is making good on his promise to racial equity not only through his bold executive actions, but by also surrounding himself with a diverse and representative administration that more accurately reflects the backgrounds, beliefs, and beauty of our nation’s diversity,” Lt. Governor Gilchrist said. “When we ensure everyone has a seat at the table, we can more effectively address the needs of those who may have felt voiceless or have endured the pain of prejudice and discrimination on their path to a better life. President Biden recognizes the need to restore unity, root out systemic racism, and has made it clear that it’s time for our country to heal.”