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Gov. Whitmer announces transportation economic development grant that will support 241 new jobs in Oakland and Macomb counties

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March 11, 2021 

Contact: Brian Armstrong, MDOT Office of Economic Development, 517-335-2636 


Gov. Whitmer announces transportation economic development grant that will support 241 new jobs in Oakland and Macomb counties  


LANSING, Mich - The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has awarded a state Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF) grant that will support 241 new jobs in Oakland and Macomb counties, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced today. The grant will help fund infrastructure improvements related to Avancez, LLC's new and expanded manufacturing facility on the site of the former Hazel Park Raceway, an Ashley Capital redevelopment project.   


"Every Michigander deserves to drive on our roads safely, without blowing a tire or cracking a windshield. This partnership between Avancez and Ashley Capital moves us toward that goal while creating good jobs for Michigan workers," said Gov. Whitmer. "I am pleased that we were able to collaborate with these companies and Macomb and Oakland counties to fix these roads. Along with the Rebuilding Michigan plan, this partnership will create jobs for Michiganders and improve our state's infrastructure. Let's get it done."  


"Avancez, LLC is thrilled with the partnership of MDOT, Macomb County, and Oakland County on the road improvements required to make the Hazel Park location feasible for our use," said John DoroshewitzAvancez's vice president of Sales. "The funding was a key element of the project, which will be providing hundreds of local people a great place to work." 


Avancez is a subsidiary of Android Industries and is a value-added supplier providing just-in-time services to automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). The company specializes in assembling complex modules for installation in OEM assembly plants throughout North America.  


Avancez secured a 10-year contract with General Motors to provide a variety of assembled modules for its upcoming Factory ZERO complex at the site of the former Detroit/Hamtramck plant, also a TEDF grant recipient earlier this year. To meet this increased demand, Avancez acquired additional manufacturing space on the site of the former Hazel Park Raceway, an Ashley Capital redevelopment project called the Tri-County Commerce Center. 


Ashley Capital is redeveloping the site of the former Hazel Park Raceway. Avancez will occupy slightly more than half of one of the buildings that Ashley Capital has built. Between the building costs and to prepare it for use by Avancez, the two companies have invested $50,000,000 to support the 241 new jobs that Avancez will create. 


This TEDF grant will help support work performed by the Macomb County Department of Roads, including rebuilding Dequindre Road from Oakgrove Street to 10 Mile Road. Planned work also includes widening the road to allow for increased commercial truck traffic and a continuous left-turn lane, upgrades to the existing signal at Woodward Heights Boulevard/Stephens Road, and the addition of a signal at Oakgrove Avenue, which will allow for safer access to the Tri-County Commerce Center.  


The total project cost is $2,340,788, with $1,404,473 in Category A funds and $936,315 in matching funds from Ashley Capital.  

 Enacted in 1987 and reauthorized in 1993, the TEDF helps finance highway, road and street projects that are critical to the movement of people and products, and getting workers to their jobs, materials to growers and manufacturers, and finished goods to consumers. 


TEDF "Category A" or "Targeted Industries Program" grants provide state funding for public roadway improvements that allow road agencies to respond quickly to the transportation needs of expanding companies and eliminate inadequate roadways as an obstacle to private investment and job creation. Eligible road agencies include MDOT, county road commissions, cities and villages. More information about the program is available online at