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Gov. Whitmer Signs Proclamation Marking May 6 - 12 as Nurses Week


May 6, 2021  



Gov. Whitmer Signs Proclamation Marking May 6 - 12 as Nurses Week 


LANSING, Mich. -- Today Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a proclamation marking May 6 - 12 as Nurses Week.  


"Nurses play a crucial role in our healthcare system, and they have selflessly served on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic for over a year," said Governor Whitmer. "In times of crisis or calm, nurses consistently provide high-qualitypersonalized care and support other health care workers, routinely going above and beyond for their patients. The best way we can say thank you to our nurses is by masking up, washing our hands, social distancing, and getting our vaccines as soon as possible."    


"Nurses are exhausted as we observe Nurses Week this year. Many of us have seen more death in a short time than we ever thought was possible, including the loss of our colleagues and our loved ones to COVID-19. The pandemic is far from over," said Jamie Brown, RN, a critical care nurse who is president of the Michigan Nurses Association. "Both during the pandemic and once we are through it, nurses need support in the form of safe staffing and strong worker protections as we take care of our communities and strive to make them better. We thank Governor Whitmer and her administration for the leadership during this pandemic that has saved lives. This Nurses Week, we are asking our friends, neighbors, and community members to please continue social distancing and to get a vaccine. The best way to help support us is also to help yourself by doing everything you can to stay safe." 


"Nurses in general and AFSCME nurses in particular have been and continue to be Michigan's Warriors and Superheroes at the frontlines during this pandemic. Their professional NEVER QUIT attitudes in the face of this tremendous challenge have saved us in this crisis," said AFSCME Council 25 President Lawrence A. Roehrig"They continue to risk their own lives, in spite of so many who have already lost their own. These superheroes battle COVID in spite of the risks to themselves and their families. They constantly and tirelessly work countless hours to care for the most vulnerable loved ones we all share. A simple 'Thank You' does not do any of these healthcare professionals justice. We MUST honor their sacrifices by being vaccinated as soon as possible. Together, we can make their sacrifice worthwhile. Getting 'stuck' by a nurse is not a bad thing in a pandemic. It will save countless lives." 


As of April 2021, Michigan is home to 22,860 Licensed Practical Nurses and 164,493 Registered Nurses.  


View the full proclamation here.