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Governor Whitmer Signs Mixed Spirits Package to Create Jobs and Support Michigan Small Businesses


May 24, 2021  



Governor Whitmer Signs Mixed Spirits Package to Create Jobs and Support Michigan Small Businesses 


LANSING, Mich. --?Today, Governor Whitmer signed Senate Bill 141, Senate Bill 142, Senate Bill 143 and Senate Bill 144, which will make it easier for distillers and retailers to distribute and sell mixed spirit drinks, offering consumers more choices and growing our economy 


"This is a great example of bipartisan legislation that will create jobs and help our small businesses grow, and shows what we can do when we work together," said?Governor Whitmer. "Distillers are a growing industry in Michigan, and these bill make it easier for distillers to distribute their products. These bills will make canned mixed spirits more affordable and accessible, creating jobs and helping Michigan small businesses."  


"Ready-to-drink cocktails have experienced massive growth in the marketplace over the last few years and this legislation is a critical piece in ensuring that these products are able to compete on a level playing field," Sen. VanderWall said. "These bills help our local distillers by removing tax barriers and giving them the ability to get their products in front of consumers easily and quickly." 


"We have innovative distillers here in Michigan who are making products that are increasing in popularity, but the law needed to catch up to allow this growing industry to succeed," Sen. Jeremy Moss said. "I was proud to work on this bipartisan legislation that removes burdensome barriers to enter into the market while still safely regulating these products for consumers. Cheers to Gov. Whitmer for signing our bills into law." 


Canned cocktails represent a growing part of the spirits industry, and SB 141-144 will allow for an expanded array of canned cocktails to be sold in Michigan. Previously, canned cocktails were capped at 10% alcohol-by-volume. These bills will allow for private wholesalers-often distilleries based in Michigan-to distribute canned cocktails up to 13.5% alcohol-by-volume. Taken together, the bills will cut red tape, support spirit manufacturers, and create good-paying jobs in Michigan.   


SB 141 was sponsored by Sen. Wayne Schmidt, R - Traverse Cityand a copy can be found?here.?????  


SB 142 was sponsored by Sen. Winnie BrinksD - Grand Rapids, and a copy can be found?here.???? 


SB 143 was sponsored by Sen. Jeremy MossD - Southfield, and copy can be found?here.???? 


SB 144 was sponsored by Sen. Curt VanderWallR - Ludington, and a copy of SB 144 can be found?here.????