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Governor Whitmer Supports State Police Community Policing Development De-Escalation Training Program Application to USDOJ


July 23, 2021  


Governor Whitmer Supports State Police Community Policing Development De-Escalation Training Program Application to USDOJ 

Whitmer sends letter of support, putting Michigan's safety first 


LANSING, Mich. - Governor Whitmer sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland urging support for Michigan State Police's (MSP) application for federal grant funding through the United States Department of Justice's Community Policing Development De-Escalation Training Program to put Michigan's safety first.  


"Michigan's brave troopers and law enforcement officers are at the forefront of the crucial work needed to keep our communities safe and are often required to make split-second decisions," said Governor Whitmer. "Law enforcement officers require the best training on topics like de-escalation to help them secure the safety of everyone involved. All Michiganders must be treated with dignity and respect under the law, and this grant is key to ensuring the safety of both our law enforcement officers and the public."  


Last year, Governor Whitmer partnered with law enforcement organizations and community leaders to help strengthen police-community relations


"I applaud that by seeking this de-escalation grant, MSP is continuing its effort to strengthen its training to keep our communities safe," Whitmer said. 


To view the letter to U.S. Attorney General Garland, click the link below: