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Governor Whitmer Signs Bills Extending Drivers Licenses, Other Legislation


July 29, 2021  


Governor Whitmer Signs Bills Extending Drivers Licenses, Other Legislation  


LANSING, Mich. - Governor Whitmer today signed Senate Bills 507, 508 and 509, which will extend the validation of state drivers licenses and personal identification cards, to help put Michigan drivers first.   


"The pandemic was tough on all of us, and these bills put Michigan drivers first by giving Michiganders the flexibility they need to renew their drivers license and IDs," said Governor Whitmer. "It is crucial that we continue to offer services at our Secretary of State that fit the needs of all residents as we move forward." 


"We are glad to be entering a new era of services at our offices that are more efficient and convenient than ever before," said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. "With this legislation we are able to extend the expiration of all vehicle registrations, driver licenses and state IDs to 120 days after an original expiration date between March 31 and August 1 of this year, and waive late fees or refund them retroactively to residents impacted by pandemic restrictions. All our offices are open to any residents who need in-person services, which they can access by walking up or scheduling their visits online or by phone." 


Senate Bill 507 will extend the period for which an operator's or chauffeur's license is valid. Senate Bill 507 was sponsored by Sen. Kevin Daley, R-Lum, and a copy of the bill can be found here. 


Senate Bill 508 will extend the period for which an enhanced driver's license or enhanced state personal ID card is valid. Senate Bill 508 was sponsored by Sen. Ruth Johnson, R-Holly, and a copy of the bill can be found here. 


Senate Bill 509 will extend the period for which a personal ID card is valid. Senate Bill 509 was sponsored by Sen. Curt VanderWall, R-Ludington, and a copy of the bill can be found here. 


The governor also signed Senate Bill 60, Senate Bill 372, Senate Bill 459, House Bill 4735, House Bill 4656, and House Bill 4980.  


Senate Bill 60 will revise the requirements needed for a mechanical contractor's license, revise the classifications and limitations of a license, and allow credits from certain HVAC programs to be applied toward a mechanical contractor's license. 


Senate Bill 60 was sponsored by Sen. Roger Victory, R-Hudsonville, and a copy of the bill can be found here. 


Senate Bill 372 will no longer require a local exchange service provider to provide a free printed phone book to every customer who requests one. 


Senate Bill 372 was sponsored by Sen. Kenneth Horn, R-Frankenmuth, and a copy of the bill can be found here. 


Senate Bill 459 will allow an application for a neighborhood enterprise zone (NEZ) certificate to be filed after a building permit has already been issued for the project. 


Senate Bill 459 was sponsored by Sen. Jeremy Moss, D-Southfield, and a copy of the bill can be found here. 


House Bill 4735 will amend the Michigan Memorial Highway Act to designate a portion of Highway US-127 as the "PFC Ronald James Fitch Memorial Highway" as well as designate a portion of Highway M-50 in Eaton County as the "Ensign Francis Flaherty Memorial Highway". 


House Bill 4735 was sponsored by Rep. Graham Filler, R - DeWitt, and a copy of the bill can be found here. 


House Bill  4656 will allow the 25th Judicial Circuit, which consists of Marquette County, to have one additional judge beginning January 1, 2023, which will allow for further distribution of judicial caseload assignments for the circuit. 


House Bill 4656 was sponsored by Rep. Sarah Cambensy, D-Marquette, and a copy of the bill can be found here 


House Bill 4980 will amend the Michigan Vehicle Code to allow drag racing at Silver Lake State Park's  scramble area.  


House Bill 4980 was sponsored by Rep. Scott VanSingel, R-Grant, and a copy of the bill can be found here.