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Governor Whitmer Upholds Michiganders' Right to Vote by Vetoing Legislation Aimed at Perpetuating the "Big Lie" and Suppressing the Vote


October 4, 2021   


Governor Whitmer Upholds Michiganders' Right to Vote by Vetoing Legislation Aimed at Perpetuating the "Big Lie" and Suppressing the Vote 

LANSING, Mich. -- At the 66th annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit on Sunday evening, Governor Whitmer vetoed several bills, including House Bills 4492, 4837, and 4838, which attempted to either suppress the vote or perpetuate the "Big Lie" by continuing the calculated disinformation campaign to discredit the 2020 election. 

"I will always protect our civil rights and stand up for our democracy that countless Americans have fought to preserve," said Governor Whitmer. "That's why I vetoed legislation that would have perpetuated the 'Big Lie' or made it harder for Michiganders to vote. Right now, Michigan Republicans are participating in a coordinated, national attack on voting rights that is designed to undermine confidence in our election system and systematically disenfranchise Black voters, communities of color, older voters, and college students. I will have no part in any effort that grants an ounce of credence to this deception, so harmful to our democracy." 

The 2020 election was free, secure, and accurate. The results were certified and officially audited by trusted local election officials, as required by law.  

The Michigan Bureau of Elections released its report on the 250 post-election audits conducted across the state, affirming the accuracy and integrity of Michigan's November 2020 election. Officials also conducted a statewide audit exercise, by hand-counting votes cast for president on more than 18,000 ballots randomly selected across the state, which affirmed the outcome of the presidential election as previously determined by tabulation machines. And judges appointed by both Republicans and Democrats rejected more than 60 lawsuits challenging the outcome. 

"The governor demonstrated once again that she is the people's governor," said NAACP Detroit Chapter President, Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony. "She is the governor wherever she is from her desk in Lansing to a dinner at the NAACP. She is still Big Gretch and has the pen to prove it!" 

House Bill 4492 would make it more difficult to locate polling locations in senior living facilities and large apartment complexes, among other defects. 

House Bill 4837 incorrectly implies that third parties have access to the Qualified Voter File (QVF), which they do not.  

House Bill 4838 claims to prohibit the electronic poll book at each election precinct or absent voter (AV) counting board from being connected to the internet after the polls open on election day and until the results have been tabulated for that precinct and transmitted to the appropriate clerk. However, this legislation addresses a non-existent problem because poll books currently are not connected to the internet on election day and until the results have been tabulated for that precinct. Together, HB 4837 and 4838 perpetuate the Big Lie by suggesting there is a defect in our election system which, in fact, does not exist. 

Additionally, Governor Whitmer vetoed House Bill 4528, which concerns training for election challengers. While worth further consideration, it must have the necessary funding to accomplish its purpose, but this bill does include such funding. 

View a copy of Governor Whitmer's veto letter here: