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Governor Whitmer Statement on FDA Authorization of Pfizer Pill to Keep Michiganders Safe, Out of Hospital


December 22, 2021 


Governor Whitmer Statement on FDA Authorization of Pfizer Pill to Keep Michiganders Safe, Out of Hospital 

Effective at-home pill will help high-risk, COVID-positive patients recover without hospitalization 

LANSING, Mich.-Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued the following statement after the FDA authorized a pill manufactured by Pfizer that offers effective, in-home treatments for Michiganders who test positive for COVID-19, alleviating the burden on our health care workers and hospitals. 

"This pill is a powerful new tool in our arsenal to keep Michiganders safe. With it, we will be able to help high-risk Michiganders who test positive for COVID-19 recover effectively at home without requiring hospitalization, alleviating the burden on our hospitals and health care workers. 

"Michigan also welcomes the federal emergency response team headed our way that will backstop our health care system to ensure hospitals remain operational. In January, the federal government will also set up a website where you can request free, at-home rapid tests to be mailed to you.  

"There are steps every Michigander can take to protect themselves. First, get vaccinated and if you are eligible, get your booster. Early data indicates that the booster offers greater protection against the Omicron variant and will help keep you out of the hospital. If you plan on traveling for the holidays or attending an indoor gathering, please get tested beforehand and stay home if you're sick. If you test positive, especially if you are in a high-risk group, contact a medical professional and find out if the new Pfizer pill is right for you, or if you qualify for monoclonal antibody treatments.  

"We are facing a difficult surge, but I know we can get through it if we all do our part. We all know how to protect ourselves against COVID-19 as we enter our third calendar year of dealing with this virus. We have incredible tools in the form of life-saving vaccines and new pills. Take action to keep yourself safe."