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2021 Accomplishments Countdown: Building the Future of Mobility and Electrification


December 31, 2021 


2021 Accomplishments Countdown: Building the Future of Mobility and Electrification 

Governor Whitmer counts down to 2022 by highlighting administration's progress on 10 kitchen-table issues that makes a difference in people's lives 

LANSING, Mich. - The Whitmer-Gilchrist administration is counting down the last 10 days of 2021 by celebrating Michigan's progress on 10 fundamental kitchen-table issues. Today we celebrate progress Michigan has made on building the future of mobility and electrification.  

"Michigan's auto industry put the world on wheels and built the middle class," said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. "As we usher in a new era of prosperity for Michigan's economy, we have to continue investing in the auto industry and ensuring that we lead the future of mobility and electrification. I am proud of the work we have done to create over 16,000 auto jobs, deploy innovative mobility technologies, and build thousands of electric vehicle chargers. I look forward to working with private sector partners and the legislature to put Michiganders first, create jobs, and lower costs for families." 

"Michigan continues to take the necessary steps to ensure we stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing mobility industry," said Susan Corbin, Director of the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity and Chair of the Michigan Council on Future Mobility and Electrification. "The state made great strides throughout the year by launching several cutting-edge EV workforce, infrastructure, technology and economic development projects that will positively impact the lives of Michiganders for years to come. Through the continued coordination of state department resources and through key partnerships with industry stakeholders, Michigan remains positioned to be the world leader in the mobility sector." 

Getting Things Done 

Governor Whitmer is ensuring Michigan lives up to its legacy as the place that put the world on wheels by creating over 16,000 good-paying auto jobs, investing in the future of mobility and electrification, and cementing Michigan's status as a global manufacturing leader. Michigan continues to lead the world in the automotive space, receiving multiple awards for our manufacturing capabilities and potential. Michigan's Big Three automakers are following Governor Whitmer's vision to make Michigan a leader in the mobility and electrification space by making an industry-wide pivot to electric vehicles, constructing and revamping massive factories, and creating thousands of good-paying, high-skill union jobs right here in Michigan. Governor Whitmer also created the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification and Council on Future Mobility to quarterback Michigan's strategic efforts to lead the next century of auto manufacturing. 

Key Numbers 

  • Created over 16,000 auto jobs, including large investments from GM, Stellantis, and Ford. 
  • Facilitated the creation of hundreds of good-paying jobs to bring chip manufacturing back to Michigan to support electric vehicle growth in Ann Arbor and near Bay City. 
  • Led REV Midwest, a five-state compact for partnering to rollout regional charging infrastructure to drive electric vehicle adoption and industry growth. 

Additional mobility and electrification accomplishments can be found here. 

"Michigan is uniquely positioned to lead the electrified mobility revolution, and MICHauto applauds Governor Whitmer for working with the Legislature to find bipartisan solutions for transformational investments in the automotive industry," said Glenn Stevens, Executive Director for MICHauto and Vice President of Automotive and Mobility initiatives Detroit Regional Chamber. "Investing in innovation and talent ensures Michigan's ability to thrive in the knowledge-based economy, which is critical to our state's long-term economic growth and competitiveness."  

"General Motors has made Michigan home for more than a century, and we are committed to make the state a vital part of our future," said General Motors. "The Factory ZERO EV assembly plant in Detroit is now producing 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickups for customers, less than two years after GM's $2.2 billion investment to fully renovate that facility to build all-electric trucks and SUVs. That's on top of other investments around the state including the all-new Wallace Battery Cell Innovation Center in Warren announced in October and more projects under consideration. General Motors' legacy of innovation is rooted here in Michigan." 

"In 2021, Ford made significant investments in innovation in our home state, including the creation of Ford's Ion Park battery research center in Romulus and an additional $250 million and 450 more jobs at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center," said Ford.?"Next year will be even more exciting, with the all-electric version of America's longtime No. 1 vehicle, the Ford F-150 Lightning, rolling out to customers across the country from Dearborn. We look forward to continuing our valued partnership with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to ensure that Michigan remains the mobility capital of the world." 

"For more than 40 years, Toyota R&D has operated in the State of Michigan to research design and develop innovative vehicles and products. Michigan is a leader in promoting the future of mobility in the region. From workforce-development programs to the recent creation of the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification, Michigan has proven itself as an important place to do business in this time of industry transformation," said Shinichi Yasui, Executive Vice President of Toyota R&D, President of Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing, and Chief Technology Officer for Toyota. "Toyota R&D appreciates the strong support of the Office of the Governor, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, key state organizations, and local manufacturing associations. That support is why Michigan continues to be an integral part of Toyota R&D's strategy to provide new mobility products and services that delight our customers." 

"We applaud Governor Whitmer's efforts to expand electric vehicle infrastructure in Michigan," said Jonas Talbott, Chairman of the IBEW Michigan State Conference.  "We at the IBEW look forward to helping build the necessary charging infrastructure to support the next generation of cleaner, more efficient vehicles." 

"We are one of the first people in our community to own an electric vehicle. Our primary mission is to educate those around us on the benefits of EVs," said Marge and John Forslin, EV owners and local project leaders of the Climate Reality Project. "EVs are just as impressive as the traditional combustion engine in terms of power, performance, comfort, and quality. We look forward to the day when EVs are more readily available to purchase in our region. This is a long-awaited change that we welcome with open arms. We are absolutely with Governor Whitmer as the public and private sectors reorganize themselves to give us a brighter, cleaner, healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable future."