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I Believe in Michigan


January 25, 2022  



I Believe in Michigan 

Michiganders celebrate why they believe in Michigan through video series leading up to Governor Whitmer's State of the State address  


LANSING, Mich. - Leading up to the Governor's State of the State address, Gov. Whitmer's team set out to hear from Michiganders across the state on why they believe in Michigan, sharing a video series from Michiganders from across the state. On the final day before the address, Gov. Whitmer shares her thoughts on the future and why she believes in Michigan. 


 Gov. Whitmer


View Gov. Whitmer's I Believe in Michigan video. 


"I want to focus on delivering results for people. Greater investment in the state of Michigan. Growing jobs - good paying jobs. Giving everyone a path so they can get the skills they need to live a great quality of life in the state and make sure that every child is safe and healthy and has a great education."  


Gov. Whitmer noted her vision of Michigan over the next 10 years includes a path toward ensuring Michigan is a place where people move for a great quality of life and a low cost of living, and where our kids want to make their lives and raise their own families. 


"I see Michigan as a place where business grows and people invest because we solve problems and we work harder and have more talent than anywhere else in the nation," Whitmer added. 


When asked why she believes in Michigan, Whitmer said, "I believe in Michigan because I know the people of Michigan. We're hardworking people, we love our families, and we've got grit. We take care of one another. I think in the hardest times of the last two years, I've seen the most inspirational things. There's inspiration everywhere in this state in the people who help one another and show up every day and work hard." 


Gov. Whitmer invites any Michigander to share their stories and asks: why do you believe in Michigan? Stories, photos, videos and more can be shared with her on social media using #IBelieveInMichigan. 


Highlights of Whitmer's efforts to build up our state and set Michiganders on a path to opportunity can be found online. 


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