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Gov. Whitmer Statement on Passage of Supplemental to Keep Kids in School


February 9, 2022 



Gov. Whitmer Statement on Passage of Supplemental to Keep Kids in School 

Bipartisan investment to continue in-class learning, recruit and retain more healthcare workers, and build on Michigan's economic momentum 


LANSING, Mich.-Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued the following statement after the Michigan Legislature passed a $1.2 billion supplemental bill investing federal resources to keep kids learning in-person and invest in our long-term care workforce. 


"This supplemental is a testament to what's possible when Republicans and Democrats work together to put Michiganders first. After reviewing, I look forward to signing it and getting these resources out the door. 


"The supplemental will deliver on our shared goal to keep students learning in school and recruit and retain more healthcare care workers. Our bipartisan collaboration on this supplemental, last year's economic development legislation, and three balanced budgets is a testament to what's possible when we put work together.  


"Let's keep moving forward in this spirit of collaboration to further Michigan's economic momentum and invest the billions in federal resources we have to make a real difference in people's lives and continue growing our economy, creating good-paying jobs, and lowering costs for families. 


"Recently, I introduced my budget proposal for fiscal year 2023, and I will work with anyone to build on this bipartisan progress and deliver on the issues that matter most to Michigan families: education, the economy, infrastructure, public health, and public safety."