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Governor Whitmer's FY23 Budget: Improving Health Outcomes and Health Care


February 11, 2022    


Governor Whitmer's FY23 Budget: Improving Health Outcomes and Health Care   

Governor Gretchen Whitmer released her fourth executive budget recommendation that puts Michiganders first and delivers on the issues that matter most to Michigan families.     

Here's what the budget has for Michigan's healthy communities. 


Governor Whitmer wants to expand access to mental and physical health services. Her budget proposal improves access to affordable, high-quality dental services to 3 million Michiganders, raises wages for nursing home workers, forgives loans for more mental health professionals, and invests in community organizations that provide direct aid to families. 


  • Improves access to dental services for the 3 million Michiganders covered by Medicaid and Healthy Michigan. This will lower their risk of long-term health conditions, prevent life-threatening infections, and alleviate persistent pain, helping them succeed at work and school and be safer and more comfortable.  
  • Expand access to behavioral health services by boosting capacity and forgiving student loans of more mental health professionals.  
  • Build a new state psychiatric complex. 
  • Raise wages for more nursing home workers, invest in food banks statewide, and enhance Michigan's child welfare system. 

The Healthy Communities one pager can be found here