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Gov. Whitmer on Passage of Bill to Lower the Cost of Prescription Drugs


February 16, 2022 



Gov. Whitmer on Passage of Bill to Lower the Cost of Prescription Drugs 

Bipartisan legislation includes recommendations from governor's prescription drugs task force 


LANSING, Mich. - Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued the following statement after the Michigan Legislature passed House Bill 4348, bipartisan legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs based on recommendations from Governor Whitmer's Prescription Drug Task Force. 


"This bipartisan legislation will help us lower the cost of prescription drugs for Michigan families," said Governor Whitmer. "We must continue working together to improve transparency in health care, hold accountable people and corporations profiting from skyrocketing prices, and make life-saving, essential medication like insulin affordable for every Michigander who needs it. I look forward to signing this legislation, and I am grateful to my Prescription Drug Task Force for all the work they did to provide a solid set of recommendations, including a few that were included in this legislation to help Michiganders save money on prescription drugs. Together, we can keep lowering costs for families as we grow our economy, create good-paying jobs, and put Michiganders first." 


Legislation Details 

The new bill requires pharmacy benefit managers to file transparency reports, ensuring Michiganders have access to the information about the backend cost and profit of the medication they are being prescribed. It also promotes oversight by requiring Pharmacy Benefit Managers to acquire a license from the State of Michigan. 


Governor Whitmer's Prescription Drug Task Force 

The task force?worked with?health policy experts, bipartisan members of the legislature, and stakeholders to discuss legislative and administrative solutions to lower the cost of prescription drugs for?Michigan families.  


The task force's final report recommended the following specific policies among others. The legislation passed today: 

  • Requires?transparency reports from?pharmacy benefit managers 
  • Requires state licensure for pharmacy benefit managers? 
  • Allows for greater enforcement authority for licensed pharmacy benefit managers 
  • Helps make necessary medications affordable for all Michigan families? 
  • Prohibits questionable business practices. 


Lowering the Cost of Insulin 

In the governor's 2022 State of the State Address, she spoke about Attorney General Dana Nessel's ongoing investigation into one of the three largest drug companies that manufactures nearly all the insulin in the United States. The Attorney General is seeking to use the Michigan Consumer Protection Act to investigate the role drug companies play in raising prices. Meanwhile, in the Michigan Legislature, there is a?bipartisan effort?to cap the cost of insulin at $50 a month.?? 

Lowering the cost of insulin will save lives and help Michiganders pay the bills, put food on the table, or save for the future.?Governor Whitmer will work with anyone to hold drug companies accountable, lower the cost of insulin, and save lives.??