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Governor Whitmer Signs Bill Supporting Small Businesses, Other Legislation


February 23, 2022  



Governor Whitmer Signs Bill Supporting Small Businesses, Other Legislation 


LANSING, Mich. - Governor Gretchen Whitmer today signed House Bill 5062 to further support small businesses by streamlining access to liquor licenses in newly constructed or restored buildings within development districts. The governor also signed House Bills 4149 and 4151 to decriminalize certain minor hunting, fur harvester, and fishing violations, and House Bill 5260 to protect consumers by expanding the availability of vehicle dealer training programs.   


Supports Small Businesses 

House Bill 5062 amends the Michigan Liquor Control Code to simplify the process for newly constructed buildings in development districts to obtain on-premises liquor licenses. The bill allows the MLCC to issue one development district license for each $75,000 spent on new construction or restoration of the building that housed the licensed premises, which will help small businesses.   


"My top priority is growing our economy and lowering costs as we keep putting Michiganders and small businesses first," said Governor Whitmer. "This bipartisan legislation simplifies the process for new businesses to get liquor licenses, which will help them get up and running faster, create more jobs, fill open positions, and keep growing our economy. When we work together to get things done, we can help small businesses thrive."  


House Bill 5062 was sponsored by Rep. Kyra Bolden D - Southfield, and a copy can be found here. 


Updates Hunting and Fishing Regulations  

House Bill 4149 decriminalizes fishing with more than the authorized number of lines and decriminalizes failure to attach the fisher's name and address to tip-ups. Tip-up ice fishing is a method of fishing that allows anglers to set multiple baited lines below the ice. Under this bill, these infractions will no longer be considered misdemeanors and instead will result in a civil infraction with up to a $150 fine. 


House Bill 4151 decriminalizes the failure to exhibit a hunting, fur harvester, or fishing license when one is required. Under this bill, failure to exhibit the required license on demand would no longer be a misdemeanor charge, and instead would be a civil infraction with up to a $150 fine. 


House Bill 4149 was sponsored by Rep. John N. Damoose, R - Harbor Springs and House Bill 4151 was sponsored by Rep. Steven Johnson, R - Wayland, and copies can be found here and here.  


Establishes Consumer Protections  

House Bill 5260 would establish procedures for qualified trade organizations to seek approval from the Secretary of State to conduct dealer training programs for used vehicle dealers, which will help protect consumers by ensuring properly trained used vehicle dealers.  


House Bill 5260 was sponsored by Rep. Angela Witwer, D - Delta Township, and a copy can be found here.